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I have hope…. that we’re not all let down.

Today marks the transition of power from our 43rd president,   President George W. Bush,  to our 44th president,    President Barack Obama.  Millions of people are crowding into Washington D.C. to see the inauguration.  People are making mention of Obama and … Continue reading

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Seriously? Why is THIS an issue?

Like many Americans,   I’m tired of politics.  This presidential campaign has been going on for too many months, and while important, I’m growing tired of hearing about it.   You could ask yourself “then why is he writing about it now?”  … Continue reading

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The FOX and the Hound: Political Bias in the Media

While sitting here allowing various thoughts to run rampant through my head – sometimes engaging in gladiatorial fights for the privilege to remain on the Train (you know – the Train of Thought), one such thought performed well in the … Continue reading

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The winds of change

As we grow older, we change. It’s inevitable. We mature, and as we mature little things about us change. For instance, when I was younger I wouldn’t touch vegetables – they disgusted me, actually. Now I am slowly starting to … Continue reading

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Politics, oh how I hate thee…

I think it’s fairly safe to say that many folks in the United States are growing tired of the presidential campaign that seems to stretch on and on, with countless political commercials,   fliers and people calling to tout why their … Continue reading

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