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Beware: Major PGP WDE issue on Sandy Bridge architecture. Show Stopper.

I’ve written on here before about major bugs in the PGP platform for whole disk encryption.  Fairly recently it was discovered that there exists a bug with the latest version of PGP Desktop (specifically, whole disk encryption), with machines that … Continue reading

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PETA: We’re Batshit Crazy for Bats (and other animals)!

There are few groups who I would genuinely apply the colorful term “Batshit Crazy” to.  This is a sacred term for me,  one reserved for groups (and individuals) who are so far out in left field that it just amazes … Continue reading

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Upgrade complete… sort of.

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to upgrade the blogging software behind Missing Link – I had been using a rather decrepit version of WordPress,   and because of that was not able to take advantage of some of the … Continue reading

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