I love music.

Music is a very powerful form of media.   Few things have the ability to convey rich stories and complex emotions in such a compact form that can be understood and felt by people from vastly different backgrounds – but music can do all of that.

I’ve found I can find a song to fit every mood,  and for a variety of activities.   There’s music for when I’m happy, and music for when I’m sad.  There’s music that gets my blood pumping and provides great soundtrack for exercise, and music that soothes and calms before going to sleep.   There’s even music that puts me in the zone and helps me get work done.   There’s something for almost any occasion.

Even better – there’s something for everyone.  Some people love country music (I don’t), others like Rap (again, I don’t).  Still others love rock, punk, alternative, classical, or blues (I do).  It’s easy to find something that speaks to you.  Something that is more than just noise – something with meaning.

In some cases you can even use this to your benefit. Listening to happy upbeat music when you’re sad can help brighten your day.  Listening to energetic music when you feel lethargic can help perk you up and give you energy.   And of course – listening to soothing soft music can help lull you to sleep when you’re having trouble falling asleep.

Sometimes I wish my life had a soundtrack…I just can’t decide what I’d want to be the theme song.