There are days when I struggle to find motivation to get things done.  It’s not a lack of things to do – there are more than I could possibly do.  It’s not even really that I don’t want to do them – I do.   So what, then, is the problem?  How do I solve it?

The problem is the sheer volume of things to do.  When faced with what looks like an insurmountable task we hesitate… and often the hardest part is just getting started doing the work.   We’re not quite sure what to do first, and in our minds we’ve failed before we even started.  This creates a tremendous mental resistance to even thinking about, much less doing, the work.

I’ve found two strategies that work well (especially when combined) to combat this.

1.) Seek a change of scenery.   For me this means packing up my laptop and working from a local coffee shop down the street.  The change in scenery is refreshing and helps me feel prepared to get stuff done.  It also helps that it removes me from interruptions common to the office environment.

2.) Just pick something – ANYTHING – and do it.  Start small if you want – being able to check that something off your todo list will feel great, and will lead you to focus on checking more things off.   Before you realize it you’ll have accomplished quite a bit.

It’s important to remember that while the pile of work may seem insurmountable right now – it only truly will be if you keep avoiding it.