I had an interesting phone conversation last night.

We had just finished dinner when the home phone rang. When I answered I was not at all surprised to hear the sounds of a call center in the background, and knew it had to be a political fundraising call. It was.

It was actually a fairly typical call, and she didn’t waste much time getting down to business and reading off a prepared script (yes, it was obvious) and asking me to donate $100.

That’s where things went off track a bit…

Me: “I’m going to decline to donate,  I’m actually a <opposite party>”.

Her: “Aww, man!  <opposite party> are assholes!  <insert 2 minute mud-slinging rant about opposite party>”

Me: “You just called me an Asshole.   That’s not very nice!”

Her: “No I didn’t, I said <opposite party> are assholes…”

Me: “Yeah, right after I told you I’m with that party…”

So, apparently I’m an asshole by association.

I really dislike politics, and this encounter did nothing to change that.  If anything, it has made me dislike politics – and modern political discourse – even more.